Memphis Art Haus

Explore our luxury "mini-mansion" designed to meet the needs of today's modern family. The 'Memphis Art Haus' features gorgeous local art, a unique outdoor living area, and smart-home technologies, along with customized fabrics, furnishings, and finishings.

Take a 3D Tour

  • As an interior design firm, we create immersive, art-driven residential and commercial environments for discerning clients.

  • From bespoke textiles to custom furniture and original artwork, each interior is highly curated to realize a collaborative vision of artistic expression.

  • Paired with the infinite possibilities offered by our completely in-house team, our turnkey design process ensures unforgettable results no matter the scale of your project.

The Maude Squad

About Our Team

Affectionately known as the “Maude Squad,” our team of creative professionals use art to create a sensory connection between the natural world and the built environment. We bring together all areas of design through in-house expertise and strategic partnerships to provide a fully curated, one-of-a-kind experience. Working collaboratively across disciplines, MMI is infused with an artistic spirit that takes our work beyond what is typical in the Mid-South.